Trump's rise, Bernie's 'distinctions,' Ryan's problems

A few developments to watch:

1) Where are Donald Trump's polls heading? The Republican presidential frontrunner hit a peak in mid-September, only to slip a few points after that. But a new CBS News poll, combined with other recent surveys, suggests Trump has stopped the slide and might be headed up again.

In the new poll, Trump is at 27 percent -- exactly where he was in a PPP poll a week ago, and a little bit above where he was in polls by USA Today, Pew, and NBC in late September. That suggests that whatever was causing Trump to slide -- a relatively poor debate performance on September 16, a public perhaps tiring of him, stronger competition -- might no longer be weighing him down.

2) Bernie set to draw "distinctions" with Hillary. With the Democratic debate set for Tuesday night, there has been a lot of talk about the debating styles of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. For his part, Sanders has mostly avoided directly criticizing Clinton on the trail, but what will happen when he is face to face with her on a debate stage? In an email exchange, Bernie spokesman Michael Briggs emphasized that Sanders has drawn contrasts between himself and Clinton in the past, and the debate "will present an opportunity to draw out some of those distinctions in their voting records."

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