The pro-Jeb Bush Right to Rise super PAC is rolling out a new online ad -- exclusively seen by Fox News -- that attempts to ‎contrast Bush's positive message against GOP front-runner Donald Trump's "negativity," according to a source with the super PAC.

The video is on top of the group's $24 million TV ad buy, out this week in the three early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

The video, which runs a minute, starts with ominous music and the celebrity billionaire saying things like "you're finished," and "very, very  stupid people," and "the American dream is dead." Then, about 20 seconds in, the video changes to Bush talking about his vision for America. 

"My message is an optimistic one," Bush says, in a clip from an earlier speech. 

Described as a "Trump/Bush contrast digital ad" by the PAC, Right to Rise is planning to put money behind it in early states‎ via web, according to a PAC senior staffer. The group does not have specifics yet on the overall cost of the digital ad buy -- the ad will likely be posted on search engines and social media platforms.

Right to Rise went up Tuesday with a $10 million TV ad buy in Iowa and South Carolina that focuses on‎ Bush's time as governor of Florida, and spent millions more in New Hampshire, a state crucial to Bush's strategy for the White House. In recent polls there, Trump has taken the lead while Bush is battling Ohio Gov. John Kasich for second place.