Republican Mike Huckabee has raised nearly $8 million so far in his presidential bid, according to a senior campaign adviser.

Though the amount pales in comparison to what candidates like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush are raising ($103 million to date from his super PAC alone), Huckabee insiders are touting the amount as a win for one reason: They carried Iowa with much less eight years ago.

"The nearly $8 million raised to date is well over three times as much as Gov. Huckabee raised in the first three quarters combined of his 2008 campaign," the senior aide told Fox News.

The campaign committee raised $2 million, which includes only primary election money, and affiliated committees have raised nearly $6 million to date, according to the Huckabee campaign.

"The crowded field this time is certainly going to make things much more challenging,” the former governor of Arkansas said in an interview in Washington, D.C., on Monday when discussing the 2016 GOP landscape.

"But in some regards it will be a process where it will not be decided quickly. Everyone is going to have enough money to at least hang in there for a good long while, " he added. "I don't think money will matter a whole lot until we are well into the primary season, because everybody has enough just to stay on their feet.”

Huckabee previously hosted a Fox News primetime weekend show.