Reporter at White House Correspondents' Dinner ignores national anthem to text

Washington post reporter on her phone during the National Anthem at the White House Correspondents Dinner


An attendee at Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner ignited a social media firestorm after video showed her texting during the national anthem.

The video captured the woman furiously texting on her smartphone while the band plays “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the event's opening ceremony. Around her, other people stand solemnly at attention with hands over their hearts.

“At #whcd disgusting disrespect for flag and anthem,” Greg Cardone tweeted, according to BizPacReview.com.

“@grantcardone @instapundit *sigh* That's disturbing. Well, I'm glad some folks in that photo are being respectful,” David Reedy tweeted.

The woman identified herself as Helena Andrews, a gossip columnist for the Washington Post.

“Apparently someone saw me on TV "texting" during the dinner. FTR I was taking notes. On my phone. Because it's 2015. #WHCD,” she tweeted in response, according to BizPac.

Her tweet created even more of a furor.

“@helen_andrews Have respect and wait 3 minutes to take 'notes'. People died for you,” one woman tweeted.

“@helena_andrews We're all well aware of the year. Respect for the National Anthem is timeless,” Pam Seiler tweeted.

“@helena_andrews as if that is any more excusable than texting?  Were you writing down the words of the song before you forgot them? Come on,” Christopher Smith tweeted.