Radical site offers how-to travel tips for Western jihadis

A radical pro-jihad terror site has begun offering how-to tips and advice to would be Western recruits who are preparing to travel abroad to Syria and join up with the Islamic State (IS).

The website, Paladin of Jihad, has recently launched a series of posts that provide often bizarre and dangerous advice to Western men and women who are considering joining IS’s (also known as ISIS or ISIL) radical fight for dominance in the Middle East.

The guide, which has been running as a series since February, offers a broad range of assistance on what to expect when joining up with IS. The forum runs the gamut from tips on how to use the bathroom outdoors to workout routines, as well as what types of knives and accessories to pack in order to bypass airport security measures.

Much of the guide orients Western would-be jihadis with the radical way of life of IS recruits.

Such things as “outdoor inconveniences” receive much attention and are written about in lighthearted fashion meant to appeal to younger readers.

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