Energy group claims Obama got ‘swindled’ by China climate deal

China’s agreement to reduce coal emissions isn’t worth the paper it was printed on, an energy research group says.

Noting that Beijing made no binding promises, the Institute for Energy Research said President Obama “got swindled” during his appearance with Chinese leaders Wednesday.

The swindle ultimately hits the American taxpayer.

“The president is making costly promises that will hurt Americans in the long run,” said Chris Warren, communications director for IER in Washington, D.C.

Rules enacted by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will shut down 72 coal-fired electric plants across the nation over the next decade. The move will eliminate enough gigawatts to power 44.7 million U.S. homes.

China’s pledge to curb coal contradicts that country’s energy policy, which depends on the black ore for cheap power. Significantly, none of Beijing’s cohorts in the international BRICS alliance — Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa — have joined the anti-coal push.

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