Puerto Rico Gov. García Padilla throws support behind CT Gov. Malloy re-election campaign

HARTFORD–With just one week to go, Gov. Dan Malloy is rallying for the Latino vote in Connecticut.

Tuesday he had a special guest fly in to help him get the word out–the governor of Puerto Rico. Gov. Alejandro García Padilla is throwing his full support behind Malloy.

“I think that the Governor has a track record that makes Latino communities trust him,” said Gov. García Padilla.

García Padilla toured Bravo Supermarket in Hartford along with Malloy, Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra and state representatives.

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Malloy and Padilla have formed a friendship over the years. “We became friends instantly, as soon as we met,” said Malloy. In fact, García Padilla sends Malloy one pound of Puerto Rican coffee every six weeks.

“We’ve actually had to tackle a lot of the same issues,” said Malloy.

“I’m here to ask the Puerto Ricans, the Dominicans, and every Latino to go out and vote for Dan Malloy,” said García Padilla.

The Latino vote in Connecticut is powerful.

The Connecticut Secretary of the State’s Office estimates there’s more than 100,000 Hispanics registered to vote.

Malloy supporters point to the 2010 election.

“Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport were the three cities that came out heavy for Dan Malloy,” said state Representative Minnie Gonzalez. “Between the three cities, we gave him big numbers.”

“I think the Latino community will be out for him, and will give him another four years to continue that work,” said Segarra.

Tom Foley’s campaign says before Election Day Puerto Rico’s former Gov. Luis Fortuno will be in Connecticut campaigning for Republican Tom Foley as he also tries to grab the Latino vote.

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