Former N.M. Gov. Bill Richardson Still Feels The Clinton Chill From His 2008 Obama Endorsement

Former New Mexico governor, Bill Richardson, 66, still feels the chill from his former boss, Bill Clinton and Hillary, a presumed candidate for the presidency in 2016.

Asked about his relationship with the Clintons by Larry King on his show for the on-demand network, Ora TV, Richardson answered, “Well, it’s not good.”

After Richardson – who of Mexican descent and is among the highest-ranking Latinos ever to serve in the cabinet – lost out on his own bid for the White House in 2008, he chose to endorse Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton.

“I tried to meet with [the Clintons],” Richardson told King. “They weren’t interested.”

At the time, people in the Clinton camp reacted harshly toward Richardson. Political commentator James Carville, for one, called him a “Judas Iscariot.”

As unhappy as Richardson, who has been serving on the boards of various companies and organizations since 2008, professes to be about the estrangement, he isn’t ready to endorse a Clinton 2016 candidacy just yet.

"I want to see who the candidates are," he told King. "I think there should be an open competition."

He added, “I know that Hillary Clinton is a formidable candidate. It’s not that I won’t ever be there, but right now I’m not one of those hundreds of Democrats flocking out there saying the race is over.”

Richardson believes that Democrats “should worry about this year, about keeping [control of] the Senate and protecting our flanks in the House instead of 2016.”

His appearance on King’s show follows on the heels of an interview for a Washington Post blog in late June, a time when Clinton’s book, “Hard Choices,” was keeping her in the public eye.

Richardson told “The Fix” columnist, Philip Rucker, “I believe this little listening book tour has been a stroke of genius. What she’s doing is she’s becoming unstoppable.”
He added, “She’s got the eye of the tiger.”

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