'Dark money'-funded liberal group lectures reporters on conservative 'dark money'

The liberal Center for Media and Democracy, which has received at least $680,000 in so-called “dark money,” helped reporters identify conservative dark money donors at a journalism workshop Thursday at the University of Wisconsin.

Nick Surgey, research director for the progressive Madison-based nonprofit, referred solely to conservative groups like the Koch Brothers, Freedom Partners, Wisconsin Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity during his discussion.

But 70 percent of all “dark money” being raised for the 2014 elections is by liberal groups, according to an investigation in November by Open Secrets.

When asked by Wisconsin Reporter why he had failed to mention the CMD’s dark money donations during the seminar, Surgey said those contributions were different because they were never used to influence elections.

“It’s sort of a misunderstanding of what dark money is,” Surgey said, and then asked that the conversation not be recorded.

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