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Can’t beat ‘em at the polls? Slash their tires

A former congressional candidate in New Mexico draws high honors when it comes to loopy behavior.

Tuesday, Gary Smith in an Albuquerque court pleaded no contest to aggravated stalking.He’s charged with repeatedly slashing the tires of his opponent in the 2012 Republican primary for Congress, Janice Arnold-Jones.

Smith was also suspected of slashing the tires of his former campaign manager, Rhead Story.

The incidents happened in 2012, with Story reporting that 54 tires on his vehicles were slashed and Arnold-Jones reporting $4,000 in damage from punctured tires in cars belonging to her and her husband, John Jones.

After three such incidents, the Jones family installed security cameras around their home in northeast Albuquerque and captured these images of a man with an ice pick:

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