He's not your typical heartthrob. But for one Connecticut high school student, Vice President Biden was the man she wanted to bring to prom. 

Talia Maselli, of Newington, Conn., invited Biden with a handwritten note last fall knowing Biden's dance card would likely fill up. 

But the veep responded anyway -- sending the student a card and a hand-picked corsage. 

"I hope you will accept this corsage and enjoy your prom as much as I did mine," Biden wrote in his note. 

So what makes Biden the dream date, when so many other (single) celebs are out there? 

“Joe Biden makes me laugh. He just cracks me up,” Maselli told The Hartford Courant.

The corsage was baby's breath, white roses, and red, white and blue ribbons. Biden's office said he was touched by the invitation and personally picked out the corsage so Maselli would feel special.

Biden said in the note that he was flattered but his schedule wouldn't let him attend. Biden's office also is arranging for Maselli to visit the White House to meet with Biden in July.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.