Labor nonprofit fails to disclose years of lobbying, but avoids IRS scrutiny

In an era of heightened scrutiny against tax-exempt nonprofits, one left-leaning labor group may be ripe for investigation.

But that’s up to the Internal Revenue Service.

Critics of the Restaurant Opportunities Center United Inc. have long alleged the 501(c)3 is a union-front group that uses shakedown tactics and taxpayer money to advance its agenda.

According to its website, the group’s charitable nonprofit model involves “workplace justice campaigns” and the promotion of its ideals through research and policy work. The organization is based in New York City and has 10 nationwide affiliates, including in Miami.

On Monday, ROC United co-sponsored a protest outside the U.S. Capitol, where 1,500 participants reportedly gathered to demand federal action on the minimum wage and other social and economic items. ROC United partnered with National People’s Action, a Chicago-based coalition of community organizing groups. 

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