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Iowa Rep. King blasts Mark Zuckerberg over attack ads

Rep. Steve King responds to recent attack ads regarding his comments on immigration


Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, blasted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Monday over attack ads that criticize the congressman's resistance to immigration legislation.

"He's going to tap into his multibillions in order to try to muzzle me, as I understand this, because Zuckerberg and some of his minions have decided that I stand in the way of amnesty," King told FoxNews.com's Mallory Factor. "I can't imagine Zuckerberg having a lot of interest about the tens of millions who are here illegally except that he wants to have a supply of cheap labor for his technology companies." 

The TV and digital ad campaign will be launched by FWD.us, a Zuckerberg-backed pro-immigration group, and aired throughout Iowa's Fourth Congressional District.

"You would think a fellow from California wouldn't be that interested in what's going on in the Fourth Congressional District in Iowa," King said. "He won't miss the money he spends there, I doubt if he'll notice it's gone."

King was the target of attack ads during the last election.

"Here I am, still in the center of the bull's eye. They spent $7.5 million last time ... far more money than ever been spent before in a congressional race in Iowa," King said. "If Zuckerberg is behind this, and he is, and that's the announcement, there's not going to be a limit to the amount of money that they can spend in Iowa." 

In the interview, King also discussed 2016 presidential politics in his state -- and touted that all 16 candidates he backed for the state Central Committee won at recent district conventions.