Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is planning on heading back to college to finish his degree, amid rumors he is mulling a 2016 bid.

Walker, who dropped out of Marquette University his senior year, said earlier this week he is looking into finishing his degree through the University of Wisconsin's Flexible Option program. 

Walker said he is waiting for the program to expand its course offerings, as it is currently only focused on engineering, health-care and IT.

"None of those are in my area of expertise but I’d love to in the future be one of the students," Walker said. 

Walker noted that the program is meant to help adults who, like himself, have college credits but left without completing their degree. He also said his wife Tonette would be excited to have three family members, Walker and their two sons, attending college at the same time. 

"She’d love it, she’d admire it," he said. "It’s one more incentive for both of our sons to get their degree and maybe go on to grad school if they see fit in the future."

The leader of the program said in a press release the program is planning on expanding to meet the needs of more students, and Walker has been a "strong supporter" of the program. 

According to the biography on Walker’s official website, the governor left Marquette to work full-time in development for the American Red Cross.

Walker has been discussed as a possible Republican candidate for president in 2016, though he has said he is not focusing on a potential bid yet.