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Krauthammer: Was ObamaCare worth the price?

Fox News Contributor Charles Krauthammer questioned rather President Obama's healthcare reform bill was worth the price.


On the final day of enrollment for ObamaCare, Charles Krauthammer questioned whether President Obama’s healthcare reform bill was worth the price.

“Overturning, uprooting and revolutionizing a sixth of the economy and the ecosystem of medical care is staggering for a million-and-a-half uninsured,” Krauthammer, a Fox News contributor and a syndicated columnist, said.  “Is that the way it should have been done?”

Krauthammer quoted reports saying ObamaCare will still leave about 40 million uninsured, while having already canceled six million policies. This doesn’t include people who have lost access to their doctors and hospitals after switching to the health exchanges.

Krauthammer also provided some advice for Republicans looking to improve the health care law if the party is able to regain control of the Senate this November. He encouraged them to cover people with pre-existing conditions, young adults to age 26, and not cancel the insurance of those who have signed up on the exchange.

"You do good reforms, which would be Republican and conservative reforms and you present that," he said.

If Obama chose to veto any of these potential Republican proposals, Krauthammer said, the president would carry the Democratic party into the 2016 elections in “really terrible shape.”