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ObamaCare deadline extension angers Republicans

Fox News contributor Lauren Ashburn weighs in


It took two seconds for the sniping to begin online after the Obama administration extended its health care sign-up deadline by two weeks for some. While the stated purpose of the extension is to give people more time to complete applications already in the system, the announcement comes on the heels of other ObamaCare delays.  

Speaker John Boehner is not amused.

Meanwhile, six in 10 uninsured American adults didn't know about the deadline in the first place, according to the Kaiser Health Tracking Poll.  And half say they are tired of listening to the ObamaCare debate and want to move on to other issues. One third want the law repealed. 


Nancy Pelosi celebrated a bipartisan 74th birthday yesterday as Boehner sent his rival a typed note and some chocolate ice cream. But, whoops, it seems she's given up chocolate for Lent.

Maybe this means their relationship is thawing?


Sarah Palin’s Sportsman Channel reality show is heeeere. And Time magazine columnist James Poniewozik marked the occasion with made-up theme song lyrics. If you want to hear the real song, click on the link.


Massachusetts State Treasurer Steve Grossman is one tough guy. He’s at a campaign event, running for guv, and doesn’t exit stage right to pass a kidney stone. He just keeps talking.

The public passing even inspired a parody Twitter account called Grossman's Stone.

That’s one treasure Grossman may not want to add to his coffers. 

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