Indian diplomat re-indicted in US visa fraud case

An Indian diplomat has been re-indicted on U.S. visa fraud charges that touched off an international stir after she was arrested and strip-searched in New York last year. 

The new indictment was filed Friday. It essentially reinstates the charges against Devyani Khobragade. 

On Wednesday, a judge dismissed the previous indictment for diplomatic immunity reasons but left a door open to federal prosecutors to revive the case. 

Her lawyer had no immediate comment. Khobragade is back in India. It's unclear when, if ever, she might appear in court in New York again. 

Khobragade was formerly a deputy consul general. 

Prosecutors say she fraudulently obtained a work visa for her housekeeper and lied to the government about the maid's pay. Her lawyer has said she's immune from the prosecution.