Jonah Goldberg told viewers Wednesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the rollout of ObamaCare has turned out to be “the biggest domestic policy lie in American political history from a sitting president."

"But even more significant than that," he continued, "and the real source of the political problems for him, it was the biggest unforced error in American domestic policy political history.”

Goldberg, an at-large editor of the National Review Online and Fox News Contributor, said in a year-end reaction to the biggest political story of the year that what made the troubled rollout of the law so problematic was how avoidable it was.

“This was something where the timetable was entirely under the control of the administration, the surprises were all under their control and they just simply dropped the ball,” he said.

Fox News Media Analyst Howard Kurtz noted that it “not only badly damaged this president, no question about that, but, it undermined faith even among some on the left I would say, in the liberal idea of activist government programs.”

Charles Krauthammer added to that sentiment. 

“This is the signature achievement of liberalism, it was sold as something that liberals had aspired to for a hundred years, “ said Krauthammer a syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor. “And then when it rolled out, it was a disaster.

“Unlike the other social innovations that liberalism has wrought, this is the one that affects absolutely everybody. You do Social Security, well if you're in your 20s its way out there in the future but, everybody has, is going interact with the health care system, everybody gets sick. At some point everybody is affected, and that's why it's done the damage it has. It's not a theoretical issue, it is a real issue.”