President Obama came under fire in some circles for giving an apretón de manos to Cuba's Raul Castro during Nelson Mandela's memorial service.  

The reaction lit up Twitter for most of the day with seemingly every political pundit worldwide weighing in on the fateful moment.

But when questioned about the handshake, the White House denies pre-meditation.

Bill Clinton shook hands with Fidel in 2000 with no cameras in sight.


House and Senate negotiators reached a tentative deal last night on an $85 billion package to fund the government past Jan. 15.  

While Speaker Boehner backs it, and the Pres backs it, lots o’ Republicans were quick to say no thanks.

Oregon’s Peter DeFazio – who faces a potentially tough primary -- isn’t much of a fan either.

Weenie? Who says that anymore?


 #41 jumped feet first into the social media world.  His pal, Karl Rove, trumpeted his arrival.  

The 89 year-old Bush’s tweet extended his regrets for being unable to travel to South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. He has had health problems in recent years.

Within two hours, more than 13,000 tweeters followed his account.  Wonder if he wore crazy-colored socks – as he does at many public events -- to type the tweet?


A selfie at a funeral? It’s probably been done. But not by the leader of the free world. And definitely not with the first lady growling at him.

What’s the saying? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? As Obama chatted and snapped away with 46 year-old Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the First Lady, well, brooded?  If looks could kill…

Maybe it’s just that Mrs. O think selfies are tacky. Or would she just rather her hubby wasn’t playing so nice with his blonde friend? Washington needs to know…


The numbers are in. President Obama has a 38 percent approval rating – the lowest yet. Even Obama campaign architect David Axelrod acknowledges this annus horribilis, calling it a “rough year.”

John Podesta has been called in to help save the day. Was it a good move?

But maybe there’s one unintended winner. Podesta was Clinton’s adviser, right?


Congressman Jason Chaffitz from Utah, whose Twitter page wallpaper is a series of daredevil skiers, has no qualms making fun of DC for shutting down operations over an inch of snow.

In DC’s defense, it was supposed to be worse. That is, if you trust those weather guys who seem to struggle a bit to read Mother Nature’s mind.


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