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Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney: TV stars again

The Sportsman Channel announced Sarah Palin will host an original series “Amazing America with Sarah Palin."

The Sportsman Channel announced Sarah Palin will host an original series “Amazing America with Sarah Palin."  (

Forget ObamaCare and the administration’s push to hype Medicaid expansion this week. It’s two high-profile, non-office-holding Republicans who are getting top Twitter billing.

From Variety: “Netflix is ramping up its documentary business, Netflix has acquired theatrical and TV rights to the Mitt Romney documentary “Mitt” with plans to air it exclusively on Jan. 24.

“Greg Whitely’s documentary, which provides a behind-the-scenes look at Romney’s campaign, will debut on Jan. 17 at Sundance.”

New York Times’ Jonathan Martin tweeted that he and Politico’s Glenn Thrush reported in an e-book that the Romneys found the documentary, “too heavy on his faith,” and he “feared Mormon backlash.”

Dan Zak, staff writer at the Washington Post, tried his hand at creating a cut line for the movie.

Zak should probably stick to newspapering.


Meanwhile Sarah Palin took to Twitter (reaching one million followers) announcing her new reality show deal with the Sportsman Channel:

Palin beats Mitt by a mile on the Twitter snark-o-meter, and the name-calling was heavy-handed among those who thought her new deal was underwhelming.

Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin calls the negativity “haterade,” and compiled the worst of the worst tweets on her blog, including one from a tweeter who hoped Palin would get shot in her trek through the nation’s wilderness. 

No matter what your politics, wishing someone dead on Twitter is pretty pathetic. The show debuts April 2014.


This is what a coordinated Twitter roll-out strategy looks like.

This strategy is exactly what Zeke Emanuel was talking about on "Fox News Sunday" when he lamented the lack of a coordinated PR effort around the ObamaCare rollout.


And Speaker Boehner is getting an early Christmas Twitter card from Dems demanding he see things their way.

Bet he’d rather just get a lump of coal.


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