Some people watched Jean-Claude Van Damme's epic split between two Volvo trucks and gawked in amazement at his flexibility. 

Mike Collins, a Republican congressional candidate in Georgia's 10th District, watched it and saw an opportunity to hammer ObamaCare. 

The candidate, himself the owner of a trucking company, has posted a web video spoofing the Van Damme ad. The video starts just like the Volvo ad, with a close-up panning out to a wide shot of the subject between two moving trucks, as they slowly drift apart. 

Two key differences, though. 

Collins' "split" is just a few degrees -- okay, many degrees -- short of  Van Damme's. 

And instead of talking about the precision of Volvo, Collins in his voiceover transitions to talk about ObamaCare. 

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"Starting a trucking business I've had my ups and down, my fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds. That's what's made me what I am today," he says in the ad. 

"Now I stand here before you. What you see is a small businessman, confronted with ObamaCare, a disastrous government plan that defies the laws of the market and a mindset that government knows better." 

Collins is one of several Republicans running in the primary, in the race to replace Republican Rep. Paul Broun, who is running for U.S. Senate next year.