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Mitch McConnell goes nuclear

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks out on recess appointments.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks out on recess appointments.  (Reuters)

For the most part, Mitch McConnell speaks in typical elected politician jargon. But as the Dems took away his chief legislative weapon, he sounded more like a character from “The Godfather.”

The Senate Minority Leader was fulminating about the Democrats abolishing filibusters for presidential nominees, except to the Supreme Court. The aggressive move by Harry Reid, dubbed the nuclear option, means his party will only need 51 votes to confirm future Obama picks. The Washington Post conservative blogger, Jennifer Rubin, gives her take, in this retweet:

Time Magazine’s senior national correspondent, Michael Grunwald, wonders what Republicans really will do next.

While others, including Cox radio reporter, Jamie Dupree, pointed out the double-standard in the president’s new stance.

But, of course, Twitter specializes more in BB guns than A-bombs. In that spirit, the Washington Post put out a query for a good hashtag to mark the nuclear event. This one from @SooperMexican gets a big ole’!

The others aren’t bad…







#NucularOption  (in honor of W’s pronunciation)


In the lame duck category, NYC Mayor Bloomberg toots his own horn on the way out the door.

Don’t forget that ban on Big Gulps, too. It’s one thing his successor, Bill de Blasio, won’t be changing. He tells the NYT: “A ban on large sugary drinks is an important part of any public health agenda.”


Seems there’s nothing more appealing to a Texan than a big slab of meat. And that includes the guv and one-time presidential candidate, Rick Perry

ABC’s Shushannah Walshe caught up with him after a closed-door lunch featuring Texas pal George W. and his colleagues at the Republican Governors Association annual meeting in Scottsdale.  Pols didn’t talk to the press about the content of the lunch conversation, but Perry gave two morsels to voracious reporters:

Better than nothing. Oops.


The Oxford Dictionary has added the term “selfie” to its prestigious pages, making it the word of the year.

Anthony Weiner helped make the term go viral in 2011 by taking pictures of himself and, um, his anatomy, and sharing them with the world. 

Here are nine sketches not yet made into real life selfies including John McCain and Sarah Palin wearing a Fox News T-shirt; Hillary scowling while Elizabeth Warren smiles; and Liz Cheney in a cowboy hat and Dick Cheney with a sign “Liz for Senate” with sister Mary Cheney dressed all in black in the background.

Good thing there were no smartphones when Bill Clinton was president.


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