$300,000 for a public toilet? It could have been more

The Madison Common Council potentially could be flushing hundreds of thousands of dollars down the toilet.

And taxpayers in Wisconsin‘s capital city would be left footing the massive bill.

Even though the results of a study won’t be released for months, council members are poised to spend $300,000 next year to install at least one 24-hour public restroom in the city’s core downtown.

And that costly porcelain throne is expected to come with plenty of risk — all at the expense of taxpayers.

By allocating what essentially is a random dollar amount — and a significant one at that — council members are playing a high-stakes game of chance by not knowing if the public funds truly will address what some see as a problem in the State Street area.

Actually, the lavatory could backfire and create additional issues.

The one bright spot in all of this? The total set aside for the permanent commode — which likely will become a hangout spot for the homeless and a target of vandalism — could’ve been even higher.

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