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Sen. Paul: 'I think I'm new enough here to still be perceived as an outsider'

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Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., joined the all-star panel Monday on "Special Report with Bret Baier" to answer tough questions about health care flaws, America's debt, Iran sanctions, and even his political future. 

"I think they want someone outside of you know what's been going on for example someone like myself who's been promoting term limits. someone who says we shouldn't have decade after decade longevity up here," Paul said. "I think I'm new enough here to still be perceived as an outsider should that be the choice sometime in 2016."

The senator shared his insight on the current flaws with the Affordable Care Act, even referencing his previous career as an ophthalmologist while saying that there needs to be a system with good competition. 

He further expressed his concern that the new healthcare law will only go up in price. 

"If young people don't buy it the price in a year is going to be higher for the unhealthy people and it will essentially be a high risk pool which is very expensive to cover. and the prices go higher and higher and the only fix becomes more mandates," said Paul

Paul went deeper on the panel, highlighting that some believe this isn't even about healthcare, "it's about freedom of choice versus coercion. The president is coercing you into four plans and he's telling you exactly what you can buy."