Armey endorsement reopens schism with FreedomWorks

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey has endorsed Midland University President Ben Sasse for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska, departing from the conservative organization he helped found, FreedomWorks.

The tea party-affiliated FreedomWorks endorsed former State Treasurer Shane Osborn just days earlier — in a split from two other conservative groups, Senate Conservatives Fund and the Club for Growth, that went with Sasse.

Armey is former chairman of FreedomWorks, which he left last year after a bitter feud. The former House majority leader assisted Republicans in taking over the House in the 1990s, helping write the conservative Contract with America before retiring in 2002. He then got involved with the tea party movement, becoming co-chairman of Citizens for a Sound Economy, which merged with Empower America to become FreedomWorks in 2004.

In his endorsement, Armey took a swipe at Osborn, saying, “We don’t need career politicians running because this is just the next rung on the ladder for them.”

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