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George Will: ObamaCare needs to address cancelled plans

Special Report panel


Syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor George Will said on "Special Report with Bret Baier" that the healthcare law will require fixes for those who have received cancellations from their insurers, something Republicans have supported, and Democrats are coming around to the idea.

The Obama administration today released an official number of enrollees in the new healthcare law - since October 1, only 26,794 people signed up in the federal exchanges, well below the 7 million goal. 

"The problem is we have no experience in rolling out things like this at least for the 200 years of our history," Will said. "We rolled out, if you want to call it that, social security. That was a simple thing. You reach a certain age, we'll mail you a check. They know how to write checks, they know how to mail them out. This is a complicated system in which when you change something, something else changes and all the structure of incentives go sideways."

Will said that it is clear the law needs to be adjusted to address the cancellation issue.

"I think the blazing insight I have in this is there is no need to repeal ObamaCare," he said. "If you pass a bill, that I think the Republicans are going to want pass, saying if you could buy insurance policy X before the first of October, you could still buy it. And if you were selling it then,  you could still sell it. That is all you need to do. After that ObamaCare disappears."