Cruz says it would be 'essence of pragmatism' to start over on ObamaCare

Congressman discusses bipartisan outrage over the law


Sen. Ted Cruz told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that various bills being floated in Congress to change parts of ObamaCare are not going to fix the law’s problems, saying it is the “essence of pragmatism” to start over and repeal the legislation altogether.

Cruz, R-Texas, who made headlines for his marathon Senate floor speech attempting to stop the health care law’s implementation in September, said on The Kelly File the troubled rollout is “vindication” for the millions of Americans he said saw ObamaCare’s problems coming.

“The only way to stop these problems is to admit this idea was fundamentally flawed to begin with,” Cruz said. “We've got to start over, and you know at this point starting over, stopping ObamaCare, I think it is the essence of pragmatism.”

Cruz said he is working on legislation that would both repeal ObamaCare and enact positive health care reform that would “empower consumers” to create a “true national market for health care.”