Stirewalt: Can journalists hold Obama accountable on health care?

White House looks to explain president's new comments


President Obama's re-election has ensured a permanent "safe at base" mindset so the White House can dismiss tough questions from the mainstream media on ObamaCare, Fox News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt told Megyn Kelly Tuesday night.

“It’s like permanent safe at base,” Stirewalt said on The Kelly File. “(Reporters) can’t tag us on this, because you let us get away with it during the campaign.”

Since Obama doesn’t need to worry about another election campaign, Stirewalt said, he can simply appeal to the Democratic base, which he did Monday when he said current health plans could be kept under ObamaCare only if they complied with the new law.

“He was talking to the base, of the base, of the base, of the base” Stirewalt said. “He was talking to government worker unions, liberal activist groups. He was at his permanent campaign arm. This administration, this president, his political life tells us one thing since he has risen to the national stage, which is, when in doubt, go to the base, bunker it out.”

So while journalists may try to call out the administration, the White House will simply turn to its liberal supporters, Stirewalt said.

“If your opponents are divided, you’re going to get away with it,” he said, “and that’s what they’re betting on this time.”