Weekly Standard writer and Fox News contributor Steve Hayes told viewers Thursday on "Special Report with Bret Baier" that the Obama administration's problematic healthcare website, which has been plagued with glitches since its launch, is just the tip of the iceberg.

"The website is really just the beginning," Hayes said.  'I think you're talking about the potential collapse, not only of ObamaCare as we have understood it, but potentially the insurance industry more broadly."

The administration, Hayes said, is "clearly blaming the insurance companies" and "decided to make them a villain," which he believes will lead to an ugly fight between the two over the healthcare rollout.

Hayes also dismissed the administration's attempt to spin President Obama's previous assertions that if individuals were happy with their current plans, they could keep them - a statement that turned out to be false since not all plans met the health act's requirements - by saying that only five percent of the country would lose their policies.

'If you're talking about 15 million as the 'just five percent' - the original goal was to cover an additional 30 (million people). So you're talking about half of the population of the uninsured that was the reason for the entire plan in the first place," Hayes said.  "So it's a little disingenuous for them to minimize that many people."