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Rep. Schock: White House claim all Americans could keep health plan under ObamaCare a ‘huge lie’

Congressman takes on head of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for erroneous claim made by President Obama and White House website that consumers could keep their insurance under Affordable Care Act


Rep. Aaron Schock told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Tuesday he believes the Obama administration’s repeated claim all Americans would be able to keep their health plan under ObamaCare was “a huge lie,” saying he and his fellow congressmen are being “inundated” with constituents angry they have been dropped.

“One case I mentioned today at the hearing: 100 percent increase for a young lady who owns a trucking company, and she can’t keep the health insurance that she likes,” Schock said on “On the Record." “So, a huge lie. It’s not about members of Congress getting the answers to their questions, it’s really about fairness to the American people on a promise the president made.”

Schock, R-Ill., also dismissed what he called the Obama administration’s “new talking point” on the law, which states the administration always knew some people would not be able to keep their insurance

“There was never an asterisk next to the president’s statement,” Schock said. “He said, plain and simple, ‘If you like your health insurance coverage, you can keep it.’”