Ex-Bush staffer questions Obama's repeated health care claims

Fundamental ObamaCare pledge is being challenged


The former chief of staff to President George W. Bush questioned Tuesday night how the Obama administration allowed the president to repeatedly claim all Americans would be able to keep their health plan under ObamaCare, a claim that has proved to be untrue.

Andy Card said on “The Kelly File” he believes Obama had to know at some point that tens of millions Americans would be dropped from their insurance plans, even if he was not aware the first time he stated to the contrary.

He questioned why Obama’s staffers allowed the president to repeatedly make such a blanket statement.

“I would not have allowed the president to do that. At least I would have counseled him against it,” Card said. “If he did do it, even if it was done by mistake, I would have made sure that the press secretary knew that there was a caveat that the president didn’t mention that we have to talk about.”

Card said he believes it's important that the president always expresses the realities of a policy situation.

“This was repeatedly done over and over again, so I can’t believe that the president hadn’t been informed or at least his press secretary …” he said.