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Krauthammer: ObamaCare will collapse on its own

"Obamacare is gonna collapse on its own," predicted Syndicated Columnist Charles Krauthammer Monday night on Special Report w/Bret Baier.


Charles Krauthammer predicted Monday on Special Report with Bret Baier that “ObamaCare is gonna collapse on its own," saying the law will continue to face problems beyond the issues with its website. 

The syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor was reacting to the White House acknowledging some Americans won’t be able to keep their health care plan, as President Obama had promised, under the Affordable Care Act.

“It’s a total contradiction of a promise that Obama made over and over again,” Krauthammer told the panel. “Why it’s going to happen is the essence of what is wrong with ObamaCare…the essence of the whole liberal ideology Obama is imposing on the country…It is that we know what’s best.”

Krauthammer said the admission that Americans will lose their health care plan  "is the first of the blows that will come after the scandal about the website." 

"And that’s why I think ObamaCare is gonna collapse on its own," he added.