Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Wednesday he was disappointed that fellow Senate Republicans didn’t unite with House Republicans to make the dismantling of ObamaCare part of any deal to end the Washington fiscal crisis, but vowed not to block a Senate proposal to end the stalemate and continue efforts to stop the health care law.

“I have nothing to gain from delaying this vote by one or two days,” said Cruz, who last month spoke 21 straight hours on the Senate floor in a filibuster-like attempt to defund ObamaCare.

Cruz’s comments this afternoon ended widespread speculation about whether he would try again, clearing a final hurdle for Senate and House votes on the upper chamber proposal. The Senate is expected to vote by the end of the day.

“This debate and this fight will continue in the months ahead,” the Tea party-backed Cruz told a swarm of reporters outside the Senate chambers. “Had Senate Republicans united and supported House Republicans, the outcome would have been different.”

He also argued that Americans love to focus on the politics of Washington “because that is the game, but the real issue is people out there are hurting.”

“People all over this country are losing the health care insurance they wanted and they liked,” he said.