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George Will: Obama a ‘very polarizing president’ in political culture

George Will describes President Obama as a polarizing figure in America's political culture.


Columnist and Fox News contributor George Will characterized America’s political divide, brought into relief by the budget and debt ceiling impasse, as largely a function of President Obama’s governing philosophy. “The fact is we have a very polarizing president,” Will said on “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.”

Will described the president’s agenda to “enlarge the power of government as an engine of the redistribution of wealth,” and said Obama has little interest in compromising with Republicans in Congress. “He doesn’t think he needs to.” Will said.

With polls showing the public’s growing distaste for the partial government shutdown and Washington gridlock, Will pointed out the president’s lack of direction is partly to blame. “For all the talk about the Republican Party's dysfunction, would someone tell me what the president's second term agenda is? We're in nine months. What is it immigration? It's not going to happen. Gun control? What is this man's agenda for the remaining three and a half years of his term?”