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CDC, MLK Jr. Center employees among many in Georgia sent home due to partial government shutdown

Employees at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Atlanta are among many federal workers in Georgia who showed up for work this morning and were sent home due to the partial government shutdown. 

According to, thousands of visitors come to the historical site every year to see the home where King was born and the church where he was a pastor, but will be turned away Tuesday. 

Although law enforcement officials will remain on duty at the site, other employees will be turned away. 

A Department of Human Services memo says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- which is based in Atlanta -- will also experience a significantly reduced capacity to respond to outbreak investigations, including the annual flu surveillance investigation. 

In addition, about 2,000 Georgia National Guard federal technicians will be sidelined by the shutdown, reported. 

All essential personnel, including Homeland Security and TSA officers, will report to work as usual at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Passengers will not notice a change, officials told 

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