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Drumline: ObamaCare ads to co-opt high school marching bands next

The Oregon agency behind Obamacare-promoting, taxpayer-funded ads that have garnered national attention for their hipster and trippy vibes defended the spots Wednesday. 

And next up? The agency will be looking for high school marching bands to play the pro-Affordable Care Act anthem in a contest aimed at bringing more attention to the government-funded health care exchange. 

The ads have grabbed much criticism for their lack of detail about the Affordable Care Act. 

"We've heard the criticism that those ads don't tell people enough what Cover Oregon is," said Amy Fauver, senior marketing manager at health exchange agency Cover Oregon, during a media briefing. 

She argues the ads are driving people to the Cover Oregon website and that people are calling for more information. Fauver said the agency saw a record number of calls (500) to the call center in Salem and hits to the website Monday. 

That's about $3 million on ads to send people elsewhere for information. Fauver did refer to three more detailed ads that explain you can still be covered if you have a pre-existing condition, how to use the system and financial help that's available for those in need. 

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