Sen. Marco Rubio says if Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wants to observe the negative effects of ObamaCare, she needs to pay a visit to Shamu.

The Florida Republican sent a letter to Sebelius Tuesday, urging her to speak with employees at Sea World whose part-time hours are being capped, he says due to rising costs from the health care law.

Seibiulus will be in Orlando Friday to promote ObamaCare at the CVS Pharmacy Conference.

“I trust that you will be moved by the experiences these individuals will share with you, just as I have been moved by my many meetings with Floridians who have been similarly impacted by ObamaCare,” Rubio said.

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. announced Monday it is reducing the cap on weekly hours for part-time employees from 32 to 28. Rubio says this will lead to as many as 4,000 families in Florida alone bringing home less of a paycheck this year.

“Especially for families living paycheck-to-paycheck, cutting their hours and income is exactly how ObamaCare devastates middle class Americans,” Rubio said.