Oversight Committee: Administration withheld ObamaCare documents

Colleagues say legislation would be impossible to pass, disastrous for GOP


The House Oversight Committee slammed the Treasury Department on Thursday for withholding documents related to the committee's investigation of the administration's expansion of subsidies in the ObamaCare exchanges. 

Committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Health Care Subcommittee chairman James Lankford, R-Penn., threatened in their letter to use legal force against the department if it does not turn over the documents by Aug. 29. 

The committee has been investigating for over a year the administration's decision to expand subsidies to the federally run health insurance exchanges mandated by ObamaCare. The 2010 law creates subsidies for insurance purchased on state-created exchanges, but it is unclear if the law permits the federal government to extend these subsidies to the federally run exchanges. 

Issa and Lankford, along with leaders of the House Ways and Means Committee, requested 50 outstanding emails and other documents by Aug. 13 in a letter dated July 25. 

The two Oversight Committee leaders found the documents provided by Treasury insufficient. 

"In total, Treasury only produced 17 pages of material relevant to the Committees' oversight," they wrote. "Most of these pages consisted of emails from Treasury staff forwarding or commenting on various news articles or blog posts." 

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