A California city is seeking to collect the thousands of dollars spent on security and cleanup from an April fundraiser for President Obama from the two homeowners who hosted it after attempts to collect the funds from the Democratic National Committee or the White House were ineffective.

KPIX reports the Town of Atherton is considering the unprecedented move of slapping a lien on two Obama donors for the $8,000 cost to taxpayers for the cost of security, road blocks, traffic control and cleanup.

The town sent the Democratic National Committee, the White House, the Secret Service and the two homeowners all invoices after the event, during which Obama raised $3 million, but has yet to receive a cent.

“If we were to hold, say, a wedding here, and have to close off streets, we would expect the people that were hosting the wedding to pay it and I think the taxpayers would also ask for that,” Councilman Bill Widmer told KPIX.

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