Bachmann 's campaign paid 2010 FEC fine before she announced retirement

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign paid an $8,000 penalty earlier this month for inaccurately disclosing more than $200,000 in receipts and disbursements in 2010, according to Federal Election Commission documents.

After the FEC flagged her initial report, her campaign filed an amended report in May 2011 that disclosed the money, the Washington Post reported.

Bachmann, a Republican from Minnesota, announced earlier this month that she would not run again for her House seat.

Adding to the drama, the Democrat who almost beat her for her spot in Congress last November, and whom many thought to be her biggest competitor in next year’s election, also pulled out of the race.

Jim Graves, a St. Cloud businessman, said earlier this week that he was still running but on Friday called it quits, saying his mission to remove Bachmann from office had been accomplished.

“She wasn’t representing the people of the 6th District appropriately, and now she won’t be representing them. There’s no way anyone could run and win who would be worse than Michele Bachmann. So we accomplished that task,” he told the website MinnPost.com.