Consultant takes blame after Anthony Weiner campaign site shows Pittsburgh skyline, not NYC's

Anthony Weiner's campaign for New York City mayor got off to an energetic, but bumpy, start this week after his campaign website briefly featured an image of the wrong city's skyline -- instead of showing the Big Apple, the website featured a shot of beautiful Pittsburgh. 

A technology firm is taking the blame for the photo mix-up. NGP VAN, which does consulting work for Democratic campaigns, said in a statement that a designer simply used the wrong image. 

"This is our fault," the company said. "NGP VAN acknowledges that the image of the wrong skyline on the placeholder page for the Weiner campaign was our honest mistake, and not that of the Weiner campaign." 

The company said the designer got the image from a set that included NYC images, "but obviously this image was not of New York City, as the Weiner campaign had requested." 

"With the image behind a strong blue background, our team did not catch this mistake. The offending image has been replaced," the company said. 

The website now features actual images of New York City. 

The "offending" image was first pointed out by various media outlets. 

A CBS affiliate in New York noted that the skyline in question was actually the view from Pittsburgh's Roberto Clemente bridge

Weiner is trying to launch a comeback bid, after having resigned as a U.S. congressman two years ago over a lewd photo scandal.