Ex-French president top gift giver to Obama family



New documents show that former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni showered President Obama and his family with more than $41,000 worth of gifts in 2011.

The presents to the Obamas ranged from Hermes travel bags and crystal to soaps and perfumes, according to the State Department, which tracks gifts to U.S. officials from foreign leaders and publishes an annual accounting, often one or two years late due to processing. The latest was published Friday. 

The Sarkozys were the top presidential gift-givers in 2011.

But the single most valuable package of goodies -- $29,450  in art, watches and electronics -- was given to former joint chiefs of staff chairman Gen. Mike Mullen by Kuwait's emir.

Most of the gifts are turned over to the National Archives.