Ex-NY Politician Nelson Castro Arraigned for Perjury

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Ex-New York Assemblyman Nelson Castro was arraigned in a Bronx court Wednesday, days after resigning from his post amid a bribery investigation in his district.

According to the perjury indictment, Castro was arraigned for lying under oath during three questions when he was interrogated on election fraud allegations by the Board of Elections in 2008.

Castro then became an informant for the Bronx district attorney's office, and his cooperation led to charges and the arrest of his colleague Assemblyman Eric Stevenson. 

Both are democrats and represent the South Bronx, known as one of the city's poorest neighborhoods.

Stevenson and four businessmen were charged in part with conspiring to pass a bill in the state legislature to protect a new Bronx adult center from competitors.

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Stevenson's arrest marked the second time in a week that a New York state politician was cuffed in a bribery scandal.

In the meantime, Castro will eventually be dismissed of the perjury charges as long as he keeps cooperating with authorities in their investigations against corrupt New York politicians, according to The New York Post.  

The initial charges against Castro, back in 2008, included fraudulently obtaining signatures for a petition to get him on the Assembly election ballot, and registering people to vote in his district that did not actually live there, according to the Post report.

Part of Castro's agreement with authorities called for him to resign after the charges against the colleague, Stevenson, were announced. 

"It is my sincere hope that my constituents remember me most for the good I have done as their representative, rather than for the poor example I set as a candidate," Castro said.

Castro, 41, was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He moved to New York City at the age of 11, according to his assembly office biography.

His hearing is scheduled for Sept. 18.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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