White House invitations recreated using computer, despite $277G spent on calligraphers

Are three White House calligraphers really worth $277,000? 

While the three-person calligraphy staff was paid that much in salary last year, according to White House records, WUSA 9 in Washington, D.C., conducted an experiment of sorts -- using a computer to mimic the kind of White House invitations the calligraphers are responsible for. 

When they put a side-by-side of the real and impostor invitations on Facebook, the channel reports, few could tell the difference. 

The salary of White House calligraphers, among other White House staffers, have come under scrutiny as the administration starts to make budget cuts to comply with the recently enacted sequester. 

The chief calligrapher makes close to $97,000. Dozens of other senior aides and advisers made six-figure salaries last year. At the same time, the White House is moving to furlough workers -- and has come under criticism over a decision to close public tours, though that decision may now be under review. 

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