Sen. Barrasso: Hagel really not right for this job

Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso says nothing he heard from former Sen. and fellow Republican Chuck Hagel during his confirmation hearing Thursday has convinced him that Hagel is a good fit for secretary of defense.

"I think that he is not really right for this job, and that is why I am coming out against him," said Barrasso said during an interview on Fox News' "America's News HQ."

Barrasso says one of his major concerns is how Hagel would handle the possibility of the massive defense spending cuts known as sequestration.

"Previously, Chuck Hagel has said he thought there was a lot of bloat in the defense budget and he could take a lot of that out," Barrasso said.

During his opening statement on Thursday, Hagel said he shares current Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's concerns about sequestration and that he is "committed to effectively and efficiently using every single taxpayer dollar to maintaining the strongest military in the world."

Barrasso says he is also concerned that Hagel might advise President Obama to pull all troops out of Afghanistan immediately.