Reagan to GOP: Stop The Outrageous Message on Immigration

"Round ‘em up and ship ‘em home ... ." Michael Reagan says that's the wrong message on immigration. Appearing on Fox News' "American's News Headquarters," Reagan, who is the eldest son of former President Ronald Reagan and the founder of the Reagan Group, says some members of the GOP must stop making outrageous statements regarding immigration.

Reagan says Republicans need to look at his father as a model of how to tackle the problems concerning the nation's immigration laws. "You need to be embracing Ronald Reagan and not just talking about him," he said. "He was inclusive, not exclusive. The Republican Party right now is sounding like they are exclusive, not inclusive."

Reagan goes beyond that, saying: "There are parts of the ‘Dream Act' that even Ronald Reagan would in fact support. And he as president would bring people into the White House and find areas of agreement." That approach, he says, eludes President Obama. Referring to President Obama, Reagan says "he doesn't want to lose the Senate in 2014. He's trying to make this a wedge issue to take back the House of Representatives."

Reagan continued by saying the first step is to secure the border. He says his father, who died in 2004, is still waiting for that to happen. "Back in '86, people might remember the argument was: If we don't secure the border but give amnesty, it's going to just give us a great influx of more illegals in this country. That's exactly what happened. That's what we need to do first. Take care of the border. Then you start dealing with the 11 million people who are here (illegally)."

On the concept of self-deportation, Reagan says that is simply absurd. "To think that people are just going to willy-nilly come forward, you know people who have broken the law, are just going to show up and be shipped home, it's just stupid on its face."But reform doesn't stop at border security. Reagan says the entire system must be revamped. "You have to fix the whole immigration policy in the United States of America," he said. "You can't stand in line 10 and 15 years to get into America. That's why the brains are going to other countries in the world that seem to want them. America doesn't seem to want anybody anymore."