After winning re-election, Obama thanked Romney then called Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton was the first person President Obama called after receiving the call from Mitt Romney conceding the 2012 presidential election, Fox News has learned. 

There were just four people in the room when Obama received the call from Romney: the president, campaign manager Jim Messina and senior advisers David Axelrod and David Plouffe

The President expressed satisfaction that it was a “very classy” gesture in terms of how Romney handled the call. 

Obama then hung up the phone and immediately dialed Clinton to thank him for his work on the president' re-election campaign.

The warm embrace between the two presidents is a far cry from four years ago; when Clinton called the first Obama campaign the “biggest fairy tale” he’d ever seen. Clinton and Obama are now the last two Democrats to win two terms. 

The call also sets up some nice speculation about whether Obama will help his Vice President Biden or a certain outgoing Secretary of State in the 2016 election. 

Ed Henry currently serves as Fox News Channel's (FNC) chief White House correspondent. He joined the network in June 2011. His latest book is "42 Faith: The Rest of the Jackie Robinson Story."