Ryan kicks off campaign Sunday at Lambeau Field

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Before beginning a frenzied day of campaigning, crammed with rallies in five separate battleground states, GOP vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan kicked off the mad dash with a stop at one of his favorite places to be on Sunday.

Tailgaiting outside of Lambeau Field while sporting a Green Bay Packers tie and windbreaker, Ryan was swarmed by a mob of hundreds of supporters. Chants of "two more days" broke out as the candidate made his way through the crowd, shaking as many hands, posing for as many pictures, and signing as many foam cheeseheads as possible.

The Wisconsin congressman and Packer sharholder was joined by his wife Janna, three children Liza, Charlie and Sam, and several of Governor Mitt Romney's grandkids.

Some other prominent members of the "Cheesehead Nation" were also on hand, including Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Senator Ron Johnson.

While Ryan is barnstorming battlegrounds this football Sunday, his beloved Packers will be hosting their NFC rivals - the Arizona Cardinals.