Romney to focus on approach to fixing economy in final push of campaign

Mitt Romney will begin his closing argument of the 2012 presidential campaign Tuesday by focusing on his approach to fixing the economy, senior aides tell Fox News. 

Over the final eight days of the campaign, the former governor will return to an early and recurring theme of his presidential run, in which he referred to his  “Day One, Job One” plan. 

Aides say Romney's message will be optimistic and "focused on the big issues that Americans want their president to confront and develop solutions for." They say he will call for  “real change on day one” on a host of issues outlined throughout the campaign.

These issues include balancing the budget, repealing ObamaCare, reversing President Obama’s military spending cuts and averting automatic budget cuts, and achieving North American energy independence.

The final push of the race has been somewhat scaled back due to the superstorm currently threatening the East Coast. 

The Romney campaign cancelled a Tuesday night rally in Milford, N.H., for the Republican presidential nominee and Monday events for his wife, Ann Romney in response to the storm.

"The top priority is the safety and security of people who may be in harm’s way,” senior campaign adviser Kevin Madden said Sunday. “So we'll have to monitor the storm and make sure that we see if we need to make any adjustments but it's hard to predict at this point."

The campaign also has stopped sending fundraiser emails in New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia -- all expected to be hit by the storm’s high winds and heavy rains.

No decisions have been made about how, when or where Romney will comment on the storm or campaign in the impacted battleground states or others.  During the storm Romney will continue to campaign elsewhere and advance his “Day One, Job One” closing argument. 

Meanwhile, President Obama canceled campaign stops Monday in Virginia and Tuesday in Colorado to monitor the storm, but planned to go forward with other events Monday in Florida.

The White House said late Sunday the president will return home  following an event in Orlando to monitor the storm. An event in Youngstown, Ohio, on Tuesday with former President Clinton will be moved forward and will include Vice President Joe Biden.

Obama is scheduled Thursday to swing through Springfield, Ohio; Boulder, Colo.; and Las Vegas.