Romney slams Obama of running 'incredible shrinking campaign'

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Mitt Romney sought to turn the tables on president Obama Friday night, accusing his Democratic rival of running an "incredible shrinking campaign" and for failing to provide details on a second term agenda.

Romney slammed the president for "petty attacks" and playing "silly word games" instead of addressing the country's looming challenges - a stagnant economy, millions out of work, and a growing debt crisis.

"Have you been watching the Obama campaign lately?" the GOP standard bearer asked an enthusiastic crowd of thousands, including motorcycle enthusiasts in town for the annual ‘Biketoberfest' event. "They have no agenda for the future, no agenda for America, no agenda for a second term"

"It's a good thing they won't have a second term," he continued to thunderous applause.

"We have big ideas, bold ideas, a strong agenda," Romney said. "We are going to get America working again and that's why you're going to help elect the two of us."

The Obama campaign immediately shot back, outlining the president's pledges in an email to reporters while accusing Romney of "empty promises, sketchy math, and blatant falsehoods."

"Mitt Romney's spent the last month hiding his true positions from the American people to win votes, but the truth is he'd take us back to the same failed policies that devastated the middle class in the first place," spokesperson Danny Kanner said in a statement.

Romney's fiery response came after the president coined a new word for the GOP candidate's shifting positions - diagnosing him with "Romnesia".

After months of withering attacks from Democrats - and even some members of his own party - for lacking specifics on his plans for the country, Romney is trying to capitalize on recent momentum.

His well-received performances in the first two presidential debates have led to a tightening in polls both nationally and in critical swing states - two polls released Friday showed Romney with a slight lead in the Sunshine State, but within the margin of error.

Romney's was introduced by his running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan, who laid the ground-work for the former Massachusetts governor's critiques, recounting the message from the 2008 days of Obama's candidacy.

"Let me give you a quote that he said just four years ago: ‘If you don't have any fresh ideas, use stale tactics to scare people,' -- if you don't have a record to run on, paint your opponent as someone people should run from. Make a big election about small things," Ryan said. "That's what Barack Obama said when he was running for president in 2008. That's exactly what Barack Obama has become now that he is president in 2012, and we're gonna change it."

Ryan then gave a shout-out to the throngs of motorcycles clogging the streets of Daytona Beach, approving of the Wisconsin made bikes.

"I saw a lot of our Milwaukee-made Harleys running all around town here," Ryan said. "We know how to build things in America. We know how to create jobs in America."

Joy Lin contributed to this report.